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Frequently Asked Questions

Building in Mexico. Real Estate in Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico

There are a number of things which are different in Mexico to, say, the United States of America. Being aware of these can make the difference between heaven and heartache when it comes to buying and building in Cabo San Lucas and Mexico. We have assembled some common questions we are asked and their answers on this page. However, if you question is not answered, please feel free to contact us.

Why should I buy or build a home in México?

First of all, the cost of living is less here than it is in the U.S., and Mexican property is increasing in value. Healthcare and property taxes are less expensive here as well, and you will live a more “relaxed” lifestyle, surrounded by a beautiful landscape and natural beauty. It makes a great place for a vacation home, or to retire.

Can I purchase property in México?

Yes, You can own land (real estate) in México even if you are a not a Mexican citizen.

What is the “restricted zone” regarding a purchase of property?

The “Restricted zone” is property located within 50 kilometers of the coast or within 100 kilometers of the United States border with México.

What happens if I want to buy land within the “restricted zone?”

You will need to apply for a fideicomiso. In other words – you will need to see a Mexican bank to apply; and they basically take title to the property over you. With a fideicomiso, you will enjoy and all the rights to the land such as building on it, living on it, and renting or selling it.

What is the situation for owning property outside the “restricted zone”, or on the interior of Mexico?

You may own property outright, in your own name on the inside of Mexico. To own your land on the interior of Mexico, you will need aescritura (this is the same as a deed) prepared by a Mexican notary public. Legal and land transactions require the Mexican notary public to play a very active role. In Mexico, all legal documents must be signed before the notary public to be legitimate.

Can I purchase land from another developer?

If you are purchasing land from a developer, have the notary public affirm that there are permits for development and construction included. Do not sign anything until you have a clear understanding of what the document says. Ask your Notary to check that all debts and necessary payments have been made on the land and up to date.

What about utilities?

It’s important to make sure that the connections are readily available on any lot that you plan to build on – such as water, sewage and electricity. If these resources are not readily available, it can be very expensive to prepare the lot or land for comfortable living.

Will you – as my builder – check on city ordinances?

Certainly – places and areas will allow construction but only on a bit of the property and some will issue height limits.

Should I know Spanish before buying or building in Mexico?

Surely knowing the language of the country helps! But, it is not necessary. We are, of course – bilingual and speak fluent English. Will will help you along the way as well.

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