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Cell: 619 940 9940 (USA)

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Los Cabos & Activities

Cabo San Lucas & San Jose del Cabo, in the municipality of Los Cabos, offers a variety of attractions & outdoor activities.

Los Cabos & activities
Los Cabos & activities


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Los Cabos real estate & activities
Los Cabos real estate & activities


Americans and other foreigners may obtain direct ownership of property in the interior of Mexico. However, under Mexican law, foreigners cannot own property outright within the restricted zone. Instead, a real estate trust must be set up to hold title for the foreigner. Since foreigners are not able to enter into contracts in buy real estate, they must have a bank act on their behalf, much as a trust is used to hold property for minors. The trust is known as "fideicomiso", but potential buyers should always get advice and have all real estate transactions overview by a licensed Mexican attorney.

Mexico passed the Foreign Investment Law in 1973, allowing foreigners to purchase real estate anywhere in the country—the only restrictions being border and coastal land (within 100 kms of international borders or within 50 kms of the coast). In 1993, the law was amended to allow for purchase within restricted areas through a fideicomiso—a trust agreement established with a Mexican bank.

A fideicomiso allows a foreign buyer to hold property with all the rights and privileges of a citizen. With a single fideicomiso, you can hold multiple Mexican properties, own them in perpetuity, and will the property to your heirs. Plus, you can easily transfer the trust to another foreign buyer, should you wish to sell.

A fideicomiso is good for 50 years and is renewable thereafter (by you or your heirs). It can be held by one or more individuals or by an entity (an LLC, for example). The initial setup costs range from $500 - $1,000 USD and maintenance fees $500 - $700 USD per year.

MEXICAN VISAS (Visitor, Temporary Residency & Permanent Resident)

There are a variety of Visa options available to foreigners. You can download a Mexico Immigration Guide here. We can help you coordinate the process through our LOCAL contacts.


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Paseo Gaviotas #10, el Medano,
Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos,
Baja California Sur, Mexico CP 23410

Paseo Gaviotas #10, el Medano, Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, Mexico CP 23410